Theiselmann & Cie. specializes in providing legal advice solely to managing directors, executive and non-executive board members. Based on our own experience gained as board members and our business activities for top managers – on top of our business expertise, we can show ways to reduce legal risks for our clients while achieving corporate goals.

We assist board members during their day-to-day operations, but also when it comes to setting new strategic directions. For managers acting on the international stage, we resort to our international network. As an independent, institution-neutral and highly specialized boutique we focus on personal assistance, trusting cooperation, short response times, and high quality.


Theiselmann & Cie. focuses entirely on the legal needs of the management, executive boards and supervisory boards, who are exposed to aggravated risks due to ever-increasing complexity. In doing so, our experts draw on their commercial skills as well as their experience in operational Management.

With regard to international matters, we dispose of an established network in more than 30 countries which has proven itself reliable in many legal cases. Therefore, in close cooperation with specialized colleagues on site, we also advise German managers exercising managerial functions in international subsidiaries who need legal advice under local and German law.

As digital-based consulting boutique, Theiselmann & Cie. performs almost all operations by electronic means – from VoIP telephony, to virtual record keeping on highly encrypted German servers, to electronic communication and a virtual library, and even information exchange in sharepoints and virtual data rooms.


Our clients are managing directors, members of the executive board and members of the supervisory board. Due to our own experience in management and consulting activities for top managers of large scale enterprises, we are very familiar with their setting and with the requirements they have to meet. We are highly specialized in providing legal advice to

  • capital market-oriented groups and
  • corporate groups operating on a global level.

Starting points for our advice are always the strategic goals and the operative and financial situation of the company. On this basis, combined with our knowledge of decision-making processes in large companies, we develop legal recommendations for action and tailored solutions.


Our highly specialized legal advice for board members of companies always includes tailored solutions, which point out the legally appropriate courses of action in consideration of the strategic and economic aspects:

  • Information and recommendations
  • Legal opinions
  • Internal and external communications in the day-to-day business (e.g. ghostwriting) with legal impact
  • Legal and organizational assistance for board resolutions (formally correct drafting of resolutions of the supervisory and executive board, preparation and implementation of circulation procedures, nominations / dismissals, amendments to the articles of association or bylaws)
  • Analysis of documents and derivation of questions for meetings of the management or the supervisory board

Our approach combines hands-on, practice-orientated advise with a science-based analysis of the individual circumstances. We bank on a trusting relation to our clients and offer a working method characterized by high liability, fast reaction times, and a strong focus on quality.


Our legal advice for board members includes the day-to-day business as well as special situations:

  • Decision on a significant investment
  • Purchase or sale of companies or individual business units
  • Raising of internal or external capital
  • Preparation of meetings of the management or the supervisory board
  • Measures in the event of a corporate crisis
  • Formalities concerning the executive bodies
  • Representation of Managing Directors in Shareholder Disputes
  • Confidential special projects

Furthermore, by involving external experts, we also cover the following situations:

  • Employment-related measures regarding business managers
  • Criminal defense of business managers