Brief Profile

Our Law Firm

Theiselmann Attorneys, founded by RA Dr. Rüdiger Theiselmann  in 2015, provides highly specialized legal advice to board members of companies. Located at the gates of Frankfurt am Main in the Hochtaunus hills, we focus entirely on legal matters related to boards of directors which are exposed to liability risks in light of increasing complexity. Our experts bring in their economical expertise and own experience from operational management.

Our advisory to executives and non-executives of German companies is predominantly international: roughly 90 per cent of our business is related to foreign managing directors or the management of German companies owned by foreign investors from all over the world. In addition, we negotiate and represent managing directors worldwide based on a power of attorney.

With regard to projects and transactions in other countries, we bank on a proven network in more than 30 countries. In close cooperation with specialized colleagues on site, we also advise German executives acting as directors in foreign subsidiaries and provide legal expertise under both local and German law.

As a digital-based consulting boutique, Theiselmann Attorneys carries out almost all processes electronically – from VOiP telephony and virtual library to virtual file keeping on highly encrypted German servers, electronic correspondence to information exchange in sharepoints and virtual data rooms.

Highly specialized